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Enterprise Software

An all-in-one service provision for corporate partners

Supporting you in your ESG Activities & Reporting

ESG is moving from a 'Nice to Have' to a 'Need' (and a 'Want'); we make it easier for businesses to make a positive impact in their community - and keep stakeholders in the know.

ESG Engagement


Easy Engagement: 
We make donation and fundraising easy, for you, your team, and the whole organisation.

Keep Track

Data at your Fingertips: 
Tracking engagement has never been easier - on-platform reporting and analytics keep you on top what's going on


Enable and Support: 
Your employees have their own interests, give them the choice on what to donate to - and match their donations automatically.

key features

Get With The (ESG) Program:

ESG engagement made simpler, tracking your organisation's impact has never been easier:


Launching 2024
Core Functions: 
  • Empower Employee Donations and Fundraising
  • Centralised Corporate Donation Receipts
  • Department and Employee Engagement Tracking
  • Company-wide Data analytics & reporting
  • Employee Incentives, Rewards and Top-ups
  • Centralised, integrated & simplified coordination
  • Good for the Community
  • Good for your Employees
  • Good for your Business
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