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Responsibility as a Service

An all-in-one service provision for corporate partners

Overcome Your CSR challenges,
We Are here To help.

CSR is moving from a 'Nice to Have' to a 'Need'; we make it easier for businesses to make a positive impact in their community - and keep stakeholders in the know.

CSR Programs

Make Work Meaningful: 
We've developed a methodology and plan for businesses to do something special, for their customers, communities and employees 


A Job Well Done: 
Once our program is integrated, we sign off on your hard work to get your company working, for everyone.


Let the World Know: 
We work closely with your marketing department (if you have one) to let your stakeholders know that you share their values.

key features

Get With The Program:

We take six key indicators as the basis for our Evaluation Methodology: 


Volunteering for Your Community



Donating to Meaningful Causes 


Giving Back with Goods & Services




Environmental Protection

Employing the Vulnerable or Disadvantaged

Employee Wellness and Respect

  • Good for the Community
  • Good for the Environment
  • Good for Business
(Yes, businesses can deduct their charitable donations too!)

Go For Gold!

Our tiered accreditation system features three levels of awards: Green, Silver & Gold


Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 12.34.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 12.35.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 12.35.15 PM.png

Do More, Do Better: 
Moving up the scale means demonstrating a higher level of Social Responsibility, encouraging our partners to do more for our community.

  • Get Responsible
  • Get Recognised
  • Shoot for the Stars!
(Don't worry if you don't get gold the first time, let us know when you're ready)

Let The Whole World Know:

Dedicating time and resources to CSR programs can go unrecognised, this is a problem because you'll be less inclined to keep up the good work!

Co-Developed Marketing Approaches

01 - Digital

 feature our awards on your website, promote your brand on our social media, and get KOLs talking about the good you're doing.

02 - Real World

03 - Events

Conduct jointly-ran events to  share your brand and promote your values.

Utilise your awards and our branding across your frontages, at your point of sale, in your catalogues, your advertisements and billboards.

Your Brand Values, Our Mission: 
We take your brand values and give them a boost. With Socially Responsible, you tap into a community of passionate people who care about making a difference.

  • Communicate your Brand Values
  • Integrated with your Marketing Plan
  • Improve your Stakeholder Recognition

We Want Experience Providers!

Our application features an On-App Experience Marketplace, where our Experience Provider partners can promote their offering to people who care about their community, and know how to have fun.

Free On-App Brand Promotion

Set your Experience Discounts 

Expand your Customer Base

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*Brands featured for reference only
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